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Morris Excavation Material & Supplies

Landscape & Gardening Materials!

Bark nuggets, bark dust, topsoil, sand, drain rock, gravel, you name it.


small bark nuggets

Bark nuggets and bark dust make great ground cover and finish landscaping.
• 2" Red Fir Bark Nuggets
• 3/4" Red Fir Bark Nuggets
• Red Fir Bark Dust
• Cedar Chips

A Variety of Soils:
• Compost: a green waste based organic material.
• Screened Soil (as referred to as Top Soil) a great local
sourced, clean soil for all types of projects.
• Lawn Soil: a blend of our Screened Soil and clean Dune Sand.
Designed to promote drainage for new seeding or sob lawns.
• Garden Soil: a 3 way blend of our Screened Soil, Compost and
Dune Sand. Great for planting flower or edible gardens.
A Variety of Sand:
• Clean Dune Sand: often used for landscaping, backfill for
lines, and a base for pavers and other projects.
• Fill Sand: primarily used as fill for leveling or backfill.
• Washed Dune Sand: beginning with the clean Dune Sand, we
have washed it and separated the heavy from the fine particles.
Ideal for volleyball courts, play areas and horse arenas.

Our Selection of Crushed Rock!
• Crushed 3/4-0" for driveways, concrete prep, walkways, or
other projects both commercial and residential.
• 1 1/2" drain rock for those projects that require a larger
material for drainage.
• 3/4"x1/2" drain rock used for french drains, around
downspouts, and also a good choice for walkways.

A selection of Round Rock (also referred to as River Rock)
• 6" Cobble is a great material for the dry river bed look on your
landscape project
• 1 1/2" round rock for landscaping.
• 3/4" round rock for drainage or other landscaping projects.
• P-gravel is a great filler around pavers or walk ways

Also available is a wide range of sizes of landscape boulders, from hand size up to pieces that require equipment to move! Larry and Adam Morris here at Morris Excavation located at 2300 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR, 97367 ( )


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