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Morris Excavation Material & Supplies

Landscape & Gardening Materials!

Bark nuggets, bark dust, topsoil, sand, drain rock, gravel, you name it.


small bark nuggets

Bark nuggets and bark dust make great ground cover and finish landscaping.
• Bark Nuggets, 1".
• Bark Dust.

Our topsoils come in three varieties:
• Mixed soil, a 50/50 combination of clean sand and screened soil, is perfectfor all planting, and landscaping needs.
• Screened soil, clean and debris free it is suitable for most needs.
• Unscreened soil, contains some roots and debris, it works well for planting
and serves as an economical option for most projects.

Compost specifications are available on site.

We have two types of sand:
• Clean sand, sometimes called white or beach sand, best for visual landscaping, gas line backfill, and as a base for concrete slabs.
• Fill sand, is primarily used as fill for leveling.

Currently we stock two types of rock, more options available for ordering.
• Round rock is 1 1/2" drain rock.
• Crushed rock is 3/4-0 (regular), useful for most applications.
• Top Dressing, 3/4-0, sometimes called blue rock, is beautiful for finish drives and walkways.

Larry and Adam Morris formerly of Devils Lake Rock, are now Morris Excavation.

2300 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR, Formerly the site for Devils Lake Rock, is
now Morris Excavation. ( )


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